STEP 1:  Remove part from box - you will see all straps are fastened and form loops, and your PI is in the neutral / flat position.  It is never necessary to unfasten the loops completely from your PI. That makes it really easy to put on-and-off - just slide hand and wrist through loops both ways.    

STEP 2:  2) Push hand piece upward (you will hear clicking) and strap will lock in place.  Then pull down and notice it will not move - creating tour player impact position    

STEP 3:  Lift up gently on strap and pull hand piece downward (neutral position) to return for next shot.  Notice how hand piece is fully rotatable at the hinge, then locks in at top.


Your Precision Impact is designed to use 2 different type straps.  Firm straps will be on your product when it arrives at your house and are used for sharpening the short game (pitching, chipping, greenside bunker, putting).

Elastic Straps will come in 3 sizes and will arrive with your product in a small plastic bag.  These elastic straps are used for full shot practice and are identified as follows:

Yellow thread = Small Fingers   White thread = Standard Size Fingers     Red thread = Large Fingers    

Your PI was NOT designed, or tested, for full shots using firm straps.  PGA Professional's advised to allow some release of the hands-on full shots - so please use Elastic Straps for full shots

Trying full shots with firm straps might damage to your Precision Impact    

STEP 1:  1.  Slide wrist, hand, and fingers through strap openings (loops) like a sleeve.  Then pull finger straps so they are snug against the base of the fingers (webbing between your fingers)


STEP 2:  Tighten all straps to fit snug.  Release hook from loop --> pull to tighten

On the finger straps, you will notice that the Index and Middle straps wrap around and tighten in opposite directions.  This will be important to know when you swap out straps for short shots (firm straps), and long shots (elastic straps).

Confirm it is Centered on forearm. Ball and Socket hinge will be directly above the area where your wrist naturally hinges. 

Turn your hand around and be sure the finger straps are FIRMLY nested into the webbing between your fingers.


It is recommended to leave the straps fastened in ‘loops’ to slide your PI off.  It is NOT necessary to pull straps completely through fastening slots.

    ***NOTE - Elastic Finger Straps (for full shots) are closed loop and obviously no need to loosen.***

 SWAP FIRM STRAPS (Short Game) to ELASTIC STRAPS (Full Shots)    

STEP 1:  1. Remove firm straps a. Remove your PI as shown in step above (Removing Precision Impact) b. Pull strap down through slot as shown. c.  Slide back to release from prongs, then forward over prongs to remove d. Place in your carry bag

STEP 2: Replace with Elastic Straps a. Pull elastic straps (loops) over fingers and attachment prongs b. Push straps forward under prongs for secure fit (sewn tab will be centered between prongs).

 ** Select from Small (yellow), Standard (White), or Large (Red) Elastic Straps

 SWAP ELASTIC STRAPS (Full Shots) to FIRM STRAPS (Short Game)    

Remove PI from Arm  STEP1.  Remove Elastic Straps as described above - place in storage bag. STEP 2.  Grip soft end of firm strap and fit loop/pocket over both prongs and push forward to secure. NOTE: be sure the loop is seam down (It was more defining to show seam up in image as shown) STEP 3 .  Loop around and underneath 'fingers' and push shiny end (hook material) up through slot and fasten over itself.  Avoid material sticking as it is pulled through slot by pulling it away from the material over the prongs.

 - TIP...Leave loop large enough to slide finger through easily, then tighten when ready do hit shots.
**** Note: Index and Middle Finger go around and tighten in opposite directions as shown in images above****


Longer 2" Strap is included in box with your PI    

Your PI came to you with a 'Standard' size Forearm Strap.  If you have especially large forearms, we have included longer strap for you.  To swap it out please follow these simple instructions:    Remove standard size 2" strap from rear of wrist brace as follows:

STEP 1:  Pull strap out as shown -- It may help to use a small utensil to gently lift the strap out. 

STEP 5:  Push strap again downward through outside slot until you can no longer pull it.  Again you will notice it is at an angle which is the correct design

STEP 2: Once pulled loose, simply pull completely out of outside slot, then pull down through inside slot - place in your carry bag or golf bag

STEP 6:  Extend it underneath (around) wrist component and up through angled slot on other side and attach to itself to form loop -- (Same as it arrived)


When not in use, please store in your PI carry bag.
Also 'VERY IMPORTANT' - when not in use store indoors or in your golf bag in neutral / flat position (lift up on strap, pull hand piece forward).    


Have a question about Precision Impact Golf?

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