With PRECISION IMPACT, golfers at all levels can feel, and learn to repeat, this mind-blowing sensation of crisp ball striking – and it works for every shot in your bag.

As the inventor of the precision impact golf training aid, I want to personally thank you for your interest in our training products.   


I am living proof that if you work with this incredible product and allow the feelings of your new golf swing to engrain in your muscle memory, you will experience the same staggering results that I did.  Just use it repeatedly until you no longer need it – only for periodic maintenance.


I could tell you story after story after story of the all the ‘off-the-charts’ shots I made and rounds I played where I shocked all my friends.  I think the only reason my scores didn’t go even lower is that it took me so long to get used to how far and solidly I hit the ball. Fly it over the green from 200 with a seven iron, really……I was a ‘true’ ball striker, and it felt great!  Every part of my game improved dramatically.

Thank you for considering Precision Impact in your pursuit of better golf. 

Mike Manley

Inventor | Owner 

Precision Impact


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